Слушайте музыку и зарабатывайте / Listen to music and earn

Вы можете присоединится к нам, через указанные ниже площадки / You can join us through the platforms below

Want to get more?

Want to get more?
The secret is very simple - recommend our service to your friends and acquaintances.

Our service has an affiliate program with payment of rewards for recommendations.
Each invitee increases your income by 2 or even 3 times. You will be credited with an equal amount.

You listened and you were credited with 5.
You invited a friend, he listened and he was credited with 5.
For the fact that you invited him, you got the same 5 as your friend.
In total, you have accruals to be paid 10.
What if you have 100 friends in the service? ))

And that's not all the nice bonuses.
Bonus for active friends:
If you have 10 or more active referrals (listeners), you start receiving credits from listening to their invitees.
And this significantly increases your income.